Tuesday, April 25, 2017

540 Million Years (One MA = One Million Years) in 6:34 minutes - Plate Tectonics, 540Ma - Modern World - Scotese Animation 022116b

Plate Tectonics, 540Ma - Modern World - Scotese Animation 022116b

An Intelligent Man 

Published on Feb 21, 2016
This animation shows the plate tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the Earth back to 540 million years, (ago). It also shows the major ice ages at : 20,000 years, 300 years, and 445 million years (ago).
This animation should be cited as
Scotese, C.R., 2016. Plate Tectonics, Paleogeography, and Ice Ages, (Modern World - 540Ma), YouTube Animation 

    From Wikipedia
    Ma (for megaannus), is a unit of time equal to one million, or 106, years, or 1 E6 yr. "Ma" is commonly used in scientific disciplines such as geology, paleontology, and celestial mechanics to signify very long time periods into the past or future. For example, the dinosaur species Tyrannosaurus rex was abundant approximately 66 Ma (66 million years) ago. The duration term "ago" may not always be indicated: if the quantity of a duration is specified while not explicitly mentioning a duration term, one can assume that "ago" is implied; the alternative unit "mya" does include "ago" explicitly. In astronomical applications, the year used is the Julian year of precisely 365.25 days. In geology and paleontology, the year is not so precise and varies depending on the author.